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Webropol Academic – the smart choice for the education sector

In a world of knowledge, there is much to ask. Webropol Academic is a complete academic survey tool, specially designed for universities. Webropol offers wide variety of functions for learning and education management from students to experienced professors.

webropol academic

A cost-efficient digital survey & reporting platform

The academic survey tool focuses on data collection and data processing and lets you conduct both qualitative and quantitative surveys and analysis with ease-of-use and efficiency built in. Webropol Academic has a flexible, versatile, user-friendly and fun interface that gives you full control over advanced functionality.

Empowering Students

From data collection and statistics to text analysis, Webropol Academic offers students a wealth of practical tools to enhance their learning experience.

Advanced Reporting

Our advanced reporting and analysis functionalities provide deep insights into student engagement and academic performance.

Flexible Learning Management

Our system seamlessly integrates with existing university platforms through Single Sign-On (SSO), ensuring a cohesive experience.

Cost-Effective Solution

Webropol Academic is a digital companion that delivers excellence without straining budgets.

multiple benefits

Academic by Webropol caters to various domains

In addition to course evaluations, universities can harness the power of Webropol for project-based learning, thesis research and event planning. Whether you are conducting comprehensive quantitative research for your master’s thesis or extending invitations to peers for a celebratory occasion, the potential is limitless.

Webropol Academic is a faculty-specific licence that includes the following solutions

  • Webropol Survey & Reporting platform
  • Webropol Text Analysis Tool
  • Webropol Professional Statistics
  • Webropol Insight Analysis module; 3000 licences for faculty students