webropol modules

Expand Your Audience Reach Across Various Channels

Beyond collecting data through emails, web links, SMS, and QR codes, we provide specialised solutions for instant feedback in physical locations, via our app, and post-customer calls. With Webropol, feedback collection is not only convenient for your customers but also guarantees maximum reach.

WOTT: Instant customer feedback on-site

Experience the ease of measuring customer satisfaction and improving the customer journey with the Webropol Online Touch Tablet aka WOTT feedback solution, ideal for waiting lounges, recreational spaces, service counters, expos, retail shops, and dining venues.

  • Collect customer feedback immediately after the customer encounter, including voice response
  • Real-time reporting gives you a constant stream of up-to-date data on customer satisfaction
  • Compare different locations and departments and the customer experience at different service desks
  • Change the feedback questions easily and remotely as often as you want
  • The service includes a touch-screen feedback device and a sturdy and stylish metal stand that is made in Finland and can be personalised according to your company’s wishes

Direct App – Everyday feedback easily

The Webropol Direct application is designed for organisations that want to stay up to date or react quickly to various situations at the office or on the go.

  • For continuous daily or weekly collection of feedback
  • Returns and claims from customer encounters, deliveries, etc.
  • Unexpected notification needs, such as quality issues
  • Direct feedback can be shared on Webropol BI VIEW to action

Mobile Connector – Capture Customer Feedback Automatically After Calls

Whether you are handling customer care inquiries, telemarketing interactions, or delivering maintenance assistance, the Webropol Mobile Connector streamlines and automates the feedback collection process after each customer call.

  • Android app that sends a text message link to the survey immediately after a call with a customer
  • Quick and easy deployment and use
  • No expensive integration projects
  • Automatically sends survey links
  • Surveys can be easily edited
  • Real-time reports and comprehensive analysis for further development

Did all this sound fantastic for your needs?