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Automate feedback, integrate with Webropol APIs

Experience a new era of connectivity that fosters efficiency, automation, and strategic insights. Webropol integrations empowers you to achieve efficient one- or two-way data transfer. Automate surveys and facilitate continuous data collection without manual intervention. Webropol’s integration capabilities offer versatile REST and SOAP APIs that seamlessly connect with your CRM, HRM, ERP and financial administration systems.

api integrations

Seamless Data Synergy with Webropol's Integrations

Effortless Integration

Connect Webropol Survey & Reporting platform with your existing IT systems for efficient data transfer and consolidated insights.

Automated Engagement

Trigger surveys in response to CRM, ERP, or HRM events, enhancing customer interaction and operational efficiency.

Data-Driven Insights

Embrace data-driven excellence: improve the way you gather insights, make decisions, and empower your organization’s growth with powerful insights.

Simplicity and Security with Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO is an authentication process which enables you to access multiple applications with one username. SSO simplifies the user experience by eliminating the need to remember and manage multiple usernames and passwords for different services. Webropol is compatible with every SSO system, making it effortless to integrate Webropol into your existing environment.

sso integrations

With Webropol Single Sign-On you’ll experience

  • Effortless Administration: Simplify user management and reduce the administrative load.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Strengthen your security by consolidating login processes.
  • Convenience for Users: No more juggling multiple credentials. Sign in once to access Webropol and all connected applications.

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