webropol hierarchy

Experience organisational efficiency by delivering insights where they matter

The Webropol Hierarchy Module streamlines the management of respondent administration, offering flexibility in distributing reports and data across the entire organisational structure. Particularly invaluable for large organisations with diverse departments and numerous employees.

why choose webrOpol

Collect and Share data easily to all the right places

Maintain a structured data sharing approach with dynamic reporting framework that easily adapts to personnel shifts.

Effortless Hierarchy Management

In the face of constant organisational evolution, the Hierarchy Module facilitates smooth modifications and updates in case of staff transitions.

Efficient Insights Gathering & Sharing

By organising employees into distinct departments and teams, the Hierarchy Module nurtures effective data sharing. Within the Webropol ecosystem, you can effortlessly distribute surveys to specific hierarchy levels, gathering responses promptly and efficiently.

Customised Reporting

Tailor your reports to meet the precise needs of different hierarchy levels. The Hierarchy Module empowers you to create filtered reports that furnish relevant information to specific teams or groups, ensuring access to pertinent insights.

Adaptability Across Organisations

Irrespective of size or industry, the Hierarchy Module offers universal utility. Customizable hierarchy levels empower you to align our solution with your unique organisational structure.

Seamless Administration and User Creation

With Webropol, management of respondent administration, survey distribution, and report sharing is intuitive. Its design ensures that hierarchy managers access only pertinent data, upholding confidentiality while enabling access to vital insights.


Webropol can do it all. From one module to a whole solution.