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Experience the power of advanced analytics

Webropol Analytics is a comprehensive additional module that brings the power of Professional Statistics and Insight at your fingertips. Experience the tools to dive deep into qualitative, quantitative, and predictive analysis.

advanced analytics

Discover deeper insights with Webropol Analytics

Professional Statistics – Quantitative Analysis

Elevate your survey outcomes with comprehensive analysis capabilities and versatile visual reporting functions. Discover key insights instantly using interactive result tables. Automated graph generation streamlines reporting, ensuring efficient analysis of quantitative data.

Insight – Simulate and Predict

Experience the revolutionary Webropol Insight—a statistical analysis tool that requires no in-depth statistical expertise. Empower decision-makers with predictive capabilities, providing guidance for navigating various situations. Insight enables proactive actions, making it indispensable for managers, directors, and board members alike.

uncover hidden insights

Webropol Analytics redefines data exploration

  • Understand the impact of changing factors on your outcomes.
  • Identify key areas of focus to navigate challenging scenarios.
  • Encourage recommendations among diverse interest groups.

Webropol Professional Statistics

Basic Analyses

t-test (independent groups and related samples)

Wilcoxon tests

Mann-Whitney U-test

Kruskal-Wallis test


GAP analysis

Variance Analyse


Correlation analysis (Pearson, Spearman)

Cronbach’s α

Multidimensional Scalings

Factor Analyses


Sammon analysis

Cluster Analyse

Visual clustering

Hierarchical clustering

Regression Analyses


Stepwise regression

Advanced Cross Tabulation Features

Shows both percentages and average values

Indicates statistically significant differences

Automated chart creation

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