webropol for customer experience

Deliver Unforgettable Customer Experiences and Drive Business Growth

Customers are the heart of your business, and Webropol empowers you to create exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impact. By prioritising customer satisfaction and engagement, you can build strong relationships, drive loyalty, and achieve sustainable success for your organisation.

why choose webropol

Enhance Customer Experience with Webropol CX for Lasting Success

With Webropol, customer satisfaction becomes your competitive advantage, driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and creating a winning company culture that stands the test of time.

Understand Customer Needs

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and expectations, allowing you to align your products and services to meet their needs effectively.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Uncover critical areas where your organisation may be falling short and turn them into key priorities for enhancement, ensuring continuous improvement.

Collaborate with Your Customers

Engage your customers in the process, involving them in defining targets and actions, fostering a sense of partnership and commitment to excellence.

Measure Impact and Success

Track the outcomes of your actions on customer engagement and satisfaction, allowing you to gauge progress and make informed decisions.

Cultivate a Customer-Centric Culture

By prioritising customer experience, you can instil a culture that values customer feedback and continuously seeks ways to elevate their journey.

Turn Customers into Advocates with Webropol CX

Webropol specialises in multi-channel data collection, covering both digital and physical touchpoints across the customer journey. Through Webropol Integrations, you can easily automate continuous data collection and trigger surveys based on your CRM activities. Alternatively, create custom one-time surveys tailored to your unique customer experience management requirements.

Webropol’s ready-made surveys and online dashboards empower you to effortlessly gather, measure, and share customer insights. Enhance your customer experience in areas such as customer service, onboarding, product development, and more.

Net promoter score is most globally used metric to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. It measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others.

Customer Effort Score, is a metric used to evaluate how easy it is for customers to interact with a company, especially after a service interaction or when solving a problem. The core principle behind CES is that customers value simplicity, and businesses that make interactions easier can increase customer loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction Score, is a metric used to gauge the overall satisfaction of customers with a particular product, service, or experience. CSAT measures the short-term happiness of customers with specific interactions or transactions, making it a valuable tool for pinpointing areas that might benefit from improvements or highlighting strengths.

Webropol enables versatile surveys and is fully customisable to different needs with multiple different question types and support to 53 languages.


With Webropol CX you can expect

  • Increased customer satisfaction and reduced churn
  • Better service offering to match customer needs
  • Amplified recommendations to potential customers
  • Heightened customer-specific earnings
  • Strengthened customer loyalty
  • Deeper customer understanding across your organisation