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Making Misconduct Reporting Easy and Secure

Empower your organisation with Webropol’s Whistleblower solution, which introduces a transparent process for addressing instances of misconduct. Webropol offers a secure and confidential channel for reporting misconduct, regulatory violations, unethical actions, and other critical concerns.


Webropol Whistleblower solution brings clear process to handle misconducts

Webropol provides a secure and anonymous avenue for reporting misconduct, breaches of regulations, unethical behavior, and other critical issues.

Seamless Process

We’ve streamlined the reporting process, making it straightforward for individuals to report misconduct with confidence. Ready-made forms, tracking page and handling stages to ensure ease of use.

Anonymous and Confidential

Enable complete two-way anonymity, allowing individuals to voice their concerns without revealing their identities.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with EU regulations by offering a secure channel for reporting critical issues that demand attention.


Additional benefits using Webropol Whistleblower Solution

Ethical Leadership: By embracing the Webropol Whistleblower Solution, you demonstrate your commitment to ethical leadership and a responsible workplace environment.

Empowering Your Workforce: By encouraging reporting of misconducts, you strengthen your organisation’s resilience against potential risks.

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