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At Webropol we are more than just a Survey and Reporting platform

We are your partners in creating Customer and Employee Experiences that truly matter. Our mission is to help you collect data and transform it into powerful insights, enabling you to lead, develop, and elevate the two most critical factors of your business – your employees and customers. With Webropol Modules organisations can further enhance the capabilities to build the perfect fit for their needs whether in Experience, Event or Case Management.

Continuous Evolution

Our commitment to excellence drives us to perpetually refine our products. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge capabilities paired with user-friendliness and uncompromised data security. 30% of our annual revenue goes to product development.

20 million and more

Webropol platform receives a survey response more frequently than every other heartbeat. We empower organisations to listen, comprehend, and act upon real-time data.

Our Legacy

Founded in Finland in 2002, Webropol boasts over two decades of expertise in providing online survey and analysis software. Beyond our software solutions, we offer a range of services that extract the topmost insights from our tools – including training, research and project management.

A Global Reach

From our roots in Finland, our company has expanded to Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany  and Belgium serving customers across the globe.

Webropol is committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility

Read more about our policies below.

Group Management

Katri Perälä, the chief executive officer of Webropol.

Katri Perälä


Josefin Linebäck, the managing director of Webropol Sweden.

Josefin Linebäck

Managing Director, Sweden

Amy Bassi

Managing Director, UK

Eva Lindstedt

Managing Director, Germany

Tarja Toivanen, the head of finance of Webropol.

Tarja Toivanen

Head of Finance

Henrik Romar, the chief product officer of Webropol.

Henrik Romar

Chief Product Officer

Markus Mokko, the chief technology officer of Webropol.

Markus Mokko

Chief Technology Officer

Maarit Pakarinen, the chief research officer of Webropol.

Maarit Pakarinen-Barguri

Chief Research Officer

Robert Brors, the sales director of Webropol.

Robert Brors

Sales Director

Jan Holmberg, the customer care lead of Webropol.

Jan Holmberg

Customer Care Lead