Case: Astellas Pharma

“Thanks to Webropol´s clever analysis tools comparing and analyzing the collected data is very easy as well” Riikka Ojanpää, Project Manager

Riikka Ojanpää is Project Manager at AstellasPharma, and responsible for developing, optimizing, and monitoring all activities that increase sales.

Astellas Pharma is a pharmaceutical company committed to improving human health worldwide by developing innovative and reliable medicines.

The Starting Point for Improvements:
Get to Know what Customers Think Today
– The starting point for improvement often comes from an idea or request that a customer gives us, as part of the feedback we continuously collect, says Riikka Ojanpää, Project Manager at Astellas Pharma and continues:

– It is significantly easier to fix problems when they are collected and presented in a structured way using the survey system’s reporting tools. Survey results are mainly used for further development of our business but also to measure the success of our operations. The Webropol tool has been invaluable in helping to identify these areas of improvement. We have used Webropol for both internal and external interest groups”, says Riikka.

Spreading Knowledge within the Organization
– The greatest benefit we’ve experienced using Webropol is the ease with which the information collected is presented in a clear and structured way. It’s really practical that we can share the results internally in MS Excel, Power Point and Word formats. Thanks to Webropol’s clever analysis tools comparing and analyzing the collected data is very easy as well, says Riikka.

Managing Events and Making Sure You Make a Professional Impression
Astellas Pharma has used Webropol for feedback and polls but they also actively use it as an event registration tool. The goal is to use it even more in the future, utilizing it as much as possible. For example, there are plans to create survey layout and registration email templates that support the company’s brand image so that this is included more consistently in their communication. Webropol has supported Astellas Pharma with customized training sessions so it is now easier than ever to bring their ideas to life.

Equipped with the right tools and training the company can now be sure that all their Webropol based communication is in line with their graphic profile and that it visually gives the best possible impression of their brand.