Case: BDO

How do you get busy people to take part in a customer relationship-building event?

BDO is one of Sweden’s leading accounting firms and works actively with events and activities for both business and pleasure. With Webropol΄s tools these arrangements are handled simply and effectively.

“We organize both sales-oriented activities, such as seminars and loyalty-building events, such as customer golf days. Both types of events contribute to good customer relations and keep us updated on our customers’ businesses, wishes and needs”, Johan Westerudd, marketing manager at BDO Nordic, explains.

Simplified administration

Managing this kind of event is complicated and involves a lot of different details and a large amount of administration. Webropol΄s tool is very helpful in coordinating BDO’s regional offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

“Previously, it took 30 hours to handle the notification procedure relating to an event. Now we are down to ten hours, thanks to this tool. A single person can administer very large events”, Johan says.

Finding new marketplaces

An invitation is often sent by mail, with an attractive and eye-catching design. After that, it is very easy for the customer to obtain more information and sign up.

The recipient is invited to visit a web portal for the event. This is specially created in Webropol΄s tool and is designed as attractively as the invitation itself. The portal offers the customer clear guidance with all questions and requests in an easy to follow interface(?) BDO can also add all the extra material that does not fit in the actual invitation such as in-depth documentation, links etc.

“In this way, we have a small marketplace (marketing opportunity?) in every invitation”, says Johan.

Follow-up with business benefits

The goal of a customer event is not just to be nice. It should lead to potential partnerships for both parties. Follow-ups of each event and meeting are handled smoothly in Webropol΄s tool.

We can follow up very quickly, and we can reach out to the wider community in a professional manner. But you should also know what you want to achieve. You should not get lost in the technology – it streamlines and supports, but you should have the purpose and goals of the activity clear. Then the system handles it. The thing that appeals to me most about this tool is the professional, up to date workflow. It’s fast and easy and it strengthens our brand, concludes Johan Westerudd.