Case: Platen

“The limitation lies within our ability to generate ideas.”

We used the Webropol system to conduct a skills inventory for a reorganisation, targeting all employees collectively. The survey included questions about their professional roles, details about the reorganisation, and their preferences for future work practices. Both managers and employees evaluated the competence of each employee in their basic tasks, followed by interviews to discuss the results. This approach enabled us to effectively allocate new professional roles, ensuring employees secured the roles they desired.

With Webropol, we also combine our annual employee survey with a quarterly pulse. This combination helps us get more out of the employee survey by using smaller measurements each quarter. In the quarterly pulse, we then follow up on selected focus areas from the employee survey, which allows us to follow the work on these areas in a safer and faster way.

Something that really stands out with Webropol is that you can test yourself and try new things.

It is possible to conduct a survey internally, externally, about procurement, about charging stations, large or small. You always get a result, the question is how actively you work with it. You don’t have to use the tool in the same way every time, it is changeable and there are new updates with new functions. Our limitations lie in what we come up with.

One notable aspect of Webropol is its versatility, allowing users to experiment and test various features. Whether conducting internal or external surveys on topics like procurement or charging stations, the tool consistently produces results. The key lies in the level of engagement and proactivity with the obtained data. The tool’s adaptability, featuring regular updates with new functions, means it can be used flexibly. Our only constraints are defined by our own creativity and ideas.

Sören Wik | Head of Human Resources