Case: Sveriges Tvätteriförbund

“We feel very confident about Webropol and their service!”

Every year since 1957, we have carried out authorisation checks on our members, some 70 groups and individual businesses with both private and public owners. The controls are carried out by the independent environmental consultancy Ensucon with the aim that laundry and textile service customers can feel confident in using an authorised professional business. Authorisation control is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving and has been digital since 2015 thanks to Webropol.

Before the new annual survey for authorisation control is sent out, it is reviewed as part of our quality work – to improve and update new laws and standards, among other things. Responses received are processed during the spring, followed up by telephone and during the autumn a number of random samples / site visits are carried out. Then the result is presented to the Board of the Laundry Association. An approved authorisation check is a prerequisite for continued membership.

Webropol makes our job easier. They help us into the digital future. We feel very confident about Webropol and their service!

Daniel Kärrholt | Federal Director