Case: Tage Rejmes

Tage Rejmes Bil AB was founded in 1958 and is today one of Sweden’s largest car trading companies. The company is an authorised dealer for Volvo, Ford, Renault and Dacia cars, light vans, Volvo trucks and buses. The Rejme Group offers sales, service and repairs in 24 facilities in 15 locations in Östergötland, Närke, Södermanland, Västmanland and Småland. The group has 700 employees, selling around 10,000 vehicles per year and had a turnover of SEK 2.6 billion in 2014.

Improved customer experience gives loyal customers

Pär Stjärnberg is CEO of Tage Rejmes AB and is tasked with leading, coordinating and streamlining the Tage Rejmes Group.

“We use Webropol to conduct continuous customer satisfaction dialogue with customers who have purchased used vehicles. The information from the surveys is used in regular sales meetings in order to improve the customer experience and thereby create more loyal customers”

says Pär Stjärnberg.

Benefits of using Webropol
“Customers are becoming more and more satisfied as we develop our processes and ways of working. This is the best result we can get. We work long-term with both measurements and goals. Webropol allows us to have an active and close dialogue with our customers with reasonable resources. We are continuously developing the way we measure and use survey results together with Webropol,” concludes Pär.