Case: Uppsala municipality

“Time saving is the best thing about Webropol!”

We use Webropol for both internal and external surveys, including mapping activities. One example is the survey on work clothes for preschool staff. Instead of investing significant working hours in physically inventorying work clothes at 100 preschools, we efficiently manage the process through Webropol. The time-saving aspect is the most valuable benefit that Webropol provides!

We have been using Webropol for our internal employee surveys for four years. While we handle the surveys internally, Webropol assists with background data. Conducting everything in-house allows us to ensure respondents that their feedback is being used, contributing to our impressive 80% response rate from 11,000 participants. In cases where certain organisational groups show lower survey results, we conduct targeted in-depth surveys for those specific groups. This approach allows us to ask more concentrated questions where needed, rather than posing a broad set of questions to everyone

All 11 of our administrations use Webropol and create their own surveys, completely autonomously, which is possible thanks to ongoing training with Webropol.

Jennie Lindbergh | Social Analysts