Case: Vaasa Golf

Effective customer satisfaction development

Vaasa Golf has successfully used Webropol’s survey and reporting application to measure and develop customer satisfaction. Speed is one of the key benefits they have achieved. “Speed, to fix things in the region,” says Arto Sirviö, CEO of Vaasan Golf, “Based on the feedback we receive from our customers, we are able to react quickly and solve any problems or development needs in our region.” With the help of QR code survey links in the Webropol survey and reporting application, Vaasan Golf has been able to collect feedback easily and use it efficiently. The QR code has enabled players to give feedback from the fairway.

With Webropol’s survey and reporting application, Vaasa Golf has been able to collect important information from its customers through a variety of channels and use it effectively. “The Webropol survey and reporting application has been an invaluable tool for Vaasan Golf in developing customer satisfaction. It has enabled us to collect valuable feedback from our customers and implement measures to improve the customer experience,” says Arto Sirviö. “We have also been able to better allocate our resources and make fact-based decisions to improve the customer experience.”

Improving the customer experience is very important today. Arto Sirviö stresses that investing in improving the customer experience has given them a competitive advantage. This has enabled us to communicate better with members and work more effectively together to continuously improve the customer experience. It’s a great feeling already after the first season and expectations for this season are high!”