Case: VR

Webropol helps you develop an enaging and robust customer experience

It was important for VR, The Finnish National Railway company, to find an easy and simple tool to collect feedback from both customers and staff. They needed a user-friendly tool that could be widely used throughout the organisation and that could be integrated with other tools in use, such as marketing tools and reporting systems.

With Webropol, VR has seamlessly implemented a diverse range of surveys in an agile way. According to Julia Flovén, VR’s Customer Insight Lead, the tool is used for a range of purposes, including traditional customer surveys, ad hoc surveys, and various testing or interviewing scenarios to enhance real-time interactions. Additionally, Webropol is also used with internal stakeholders and staff. VR Customer Insight Lead Julia Flovén.
With the introduction of Webropol, VR has achieved results and benefits. The tool has proven to be very easy to use, which has enabled its widespread use in the organisation.

In addition, its integration with other tools in use has facilitated data collection and reporting processes. “The experience of using Webropol has been positive. We have received the necessary feedback comprehensively and efficiently. Webropol has provided us with a flexible tool that meets our needs well and integrates and complements other systems and data collection methods in place.” Julia Flovén continues.
VR also recommends Webropol to other organisations looking for an easy-to-use and versatile feedback tool for collecting continuous data. Data is transformed into insight to successfully develop the company’s operations.