Case: ELY Centres

Countrywide Surveys & Automatic Reports From Webropol

The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment come under the administrative branch of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. ELY Centres also handle tasks assigned to the administrative branches of the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of the Interior.

Webropol has produced a custom made solution used by the ELY Centres to collect information from diverse situations and through assorted channels. The information is reported automatically in real time to pertinent decision makers within the organisation.
Gathering Multi-Channel Information to Allocate Resources and Improve the Quality Process

“We use Webropol to collect feedback from companies, identifying recruitment difficulties and other development needs. We are able to use this information to identify skills gaps within the labour market and provide training solutions to reduce this shortage. Webropol is also used to collect customer feedback from the core processes of Employment and Economic Development Offices and ELY Centres. Webropol provides us with an essential tool used to measure and monitor service quality and continuously improve our service processes. Based on the results we can quickly determine which labour market training to initiate. We are also able to ascertain which industries have a higher development need enabling us to steer our labour market and business services in the right direction. Resources are allocated to different services and we can establish measures to improve the quality of our processes.” Project Manager Mr Jouni Marttinen

Know What Customers Think of Your Service Today Not 8 Months Ago

In the past ELY centres only collected customer feedback on an annual basis. By collecting continuous and real time information it is significantly easier to improve services. Project Manager Mr. Jouni Marttinen added “The pilot projects were introduced because it is too late to determine TODAY what customers thought about you 8 or 12 month ago. It raises many questions, “Is this problem new or is it an existing problem which has deteriorated? Also, shouldn’t this information go directly to the experts who need this information? Why should somebody spend lots of time collating results, when the reports should be available in real time and weekly and monthly reports sent automatically to the relevant people?” Our answer is yes! We want to take action and serve the public as well as we can. “The Webropol Survey system is a very quick and easy tool for creating surveys of almost any kind. You do not have to be an IT specialist to create the surveys your organisation needs.

Countrywide Surveys and Surveys Suited Locally to Regional Office Needs, with Minimal IT Skills

A pilot project at the ELY-Centre is now collecting customer feedback directly after customers have received a decision on their applications for funding or has had an inspection visit by ELY. Webropol have made it easy to centrally set up the surveys used by the organisation but have also made it simple to modify these for other projects or local needs at regional offices. The layout features in Webropol make it easy to make professional impression whilst maintaining the organisation identity. A must have for us is for all survey to be responsive and easy to answer using mobile phones, tablets and pc’s.

Automatic Reports to Correct Experts, Managers and Directors Allow Immediate Action

What proved very valuable and time saving for us is that results are available in real time. What really saves time is that reports can be automatically sent to the relevant experts, managers and directors. The link to the report can be opened on PC’s and other devices such as mobile phones. Reports are live and instantly updated as responses are received. “With real time reporting you always have your finger on the pulse and are constantly aware of the current situation. Notification and alerts can also be sent automatically informing the relevant person if a specific answer has been received”.

Summary: Continuous Feedback and Real Time Reporting in a User Friendly Way

To summarize, in the customer feedback Pilot at the ELY-centres, the Webropol survey system enables continuous feedback and results are available in real time, which means that improvements can be implemented as the need arises, not once per year when it might be too late. Surveys are easy for ELY officials to modify use and send, and it is easy to respond to them on computers, mobile phones, tablets and pc’s in order to guarantee sufficient data to ensure valuable insights. Reports can automatically be distributed to experts and managers, so there is no need to spend time on generating reports and remembering to send them to the right persons on time.

Countrywide Surveys & Automatic Reports From Webropol