Case: NHS Scotland

As an organisation committed to the well-being and experience of our employees at work, we recognise the importance of having an engaged, involved, and valued workforce. This is crucial for us in delivering continuous improvement in our services. It is essential that our employees have a positive experience, and to ensure this, we regularly review their satisfaction levels. By doing so, we can identify and address areas of improvement both locally and throughout the wider organisation.

Since 2015, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with Webropol to roll out our iMatter Staff Engagement Survey to nearly 200,000 of our dedicated employees across 22 health boards. One of the significant advantages of this partnership has been the assurance of anonymity, with the entire process being managed within the Webropol platform. Their tools have been instrumental in highlighting areas that need attention, as well as offering a user-friendly and efficient system for collecting and reporting feedback.

What exactly did Webropol deliver?

• A seamless automated feedback process which allows our managers to easily verify their team details.
• The capability for managers to exclude team members who might be unavailable, ensuring that the right people are contributing and boosting response rates.
• Automation of the surveying timeline, including scheduling and reminders, which has made participation much easier for everyone involved.
• Comprehensive reporting functionalities that allow each manager to view results pertinent to their teams.
• Mechanisms to discuss and strategise based on the feedback received. This includes recognising our successes and setting team-specific targets.
• The visual storyboards provided by Webropol are also a favourite feature of ours, allowing teams to understand their strengths and areas of improvement at a glance. Taking positive action based on this feedback not only fosters a happier team environment but also drives higher participation rates in future surveys.

Our collaboration with Webropol has yielded such positive outcomes that, since 2017, the Scottish Government commissioned Webropol to write the annual Health and Social Care Staff Experience report. This report, underpinned by the quantitative data from our staff surveys, is enriched by qualitative stories from our Health & Social Care staff, demonstrating the development and execution of Action Plans.

In summary, our partnership with Webropol has been instrumental in advancing our commitment to employee well-being and engagement. Their tools, combined with their commitment to ensuring anonymity and providing actionable insights, have made them an invaluable partner in our journey towards continuous improvement.

Suzanne Thomas
NHS Scotland