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How to Improve University Course Engagement

Universities all over the world are increasingly focussed on student satisfaction levels, both to improve university course engagement, in addition to marketing purposes. When students choose where to study, they don’t just choose any University that offers the best course for their needs, but also, how well reputable or perceived the University is as an institute. Reputability and marketing prowess is a crucial component of any Academic Establishment as well as any business. Does your University know how well you are perceived by students, and what lengths you have to go to improve upon feedback received to better your academia or service offering?

Our team have put together a little introduction as to how you can start to think about working towards improving student satisfaction levels and engagement.

Choosing the best data collection method
There are a variety of options available to choose from to complete university course engagement evaluations. In an evermore paperless world, we would probably rule out paper surveys, ballot cards and other such forms for data collection purposes. Using a digital system better allows a centralised database of feedback which can be accessed easily by those people that need it.

There are many systems that offer student feedback and course evaluations. When weighing up options be sure to check what features you require. Choosing student feedback & course evaluation systems will take time, but the decision should always be informed.

Choosing the correct course evaluation system
Look towards a survey tool that has a flexible, versatile, user-friendly and fun interface that gives you full control over advanced functionality. Having features such as data collection should come as standard. A level of integration with pre-existing platforms, as well as advanced reporting and automation, could make miscellaneous, often tedious administrative tasks easier and quicker to complete.
Automation is becoming more sought-after. From survey creation to survey reporting, users want to get such tasks completed as quickly as possible. Webropol recognises this and provides automation with its course evaluation surveys. This enables you to automatically measure, analyse and report on the quality of a course in an efficient manner. Without any such process, you could be spending more time acting on feedback rather than collecting it.

When thinking about your own needs, you have to ask whether you are looking for a single use system to get basic feedback on one or two courses. Alternatively, if you work at a large University that needs to complete course evaluations across tens or even hundreds of courses, a more advanced approach needs to be adopted. Look for platforms that would assist with this, as well as correctly relaying the information back to the relevant users of the forms for ease of interpretation of the reports.

method to improving advanced course feedback

Why should you conduct Student Feedback Surveys?
Students are the life and soul to any academic establishment, and can really make or break a University’s reputation… Are Universities always aware of the level of happiness their courses or campus environments really deliver to their students? Perhaps not. Maybe Universities could save a lot of time and money investing in marketing that isn’t fine-tuned or refined to the needs and requirements of students. Could feedback forms and surveys be such a solution to optimising a University’s marketing spend? With ongoing course evaluation surveys and relevant student feedback, Universities and other Educational Institutions can help to retain students and deliver an even better experience to future students.

Webropol contains a feature allowing lecturers to add on their own questions to surveys. Each response will only be shared with the teacher who set the question. This helps gather feedback on specific course modules, assessments and more. There are more features and benefits of using Webropol as a course evaluation platform.

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