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IWD2019 #BalanceforBetter

International Women’s Day falls on Friday 8th March, providing the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. This year, the theme is #BalanceforBetter which intends to promote a more gender balanced world.

For a lot of organisations to become gender balanced, this involves recruiting and retaining more women. The benefits of a diverse workforce are well researched.

Having a more equal representation of women in your workplace creates a wider talent pool, bringing together different skills and unique experiences, resulting in more effective and considerate team working. Women in the workplace can act as role models and mentors for younger colleagues and employees, which is an investment in the future workforce. More women in the workplace can also appeal to your customers, as a significant proportion of the global population consists of women, so we need to actively understand their requirements in order to provide suitable products and services to them.

These benefits apply not only to encouraging more women to join your organisation, but ensuring your organisation is attractive to and representative of all types of individual, regardless of ethnicity, religion, culture, beliefs or sexual orientation. Therefore the #BalanceforBetter campaign is a timely opportunity to ensure that your organisation is inclusive and gender-balanced.

Consulting your employees and getting their feedback is an effective way of assessing the organisation culture. This allows you to gather their views in a safe environment, giving staff the opportunity to feedback on how the organisation could improve. As the front line, they will have clear views on what the organisation needs to do to recruit, attract, or retain a more gender-balanced and inclusive workforce. The added benefit is that this might bring to light some areas which can help to make the organisation more appealing to the current workforce, which boosts productivity and morale. Gaining a diverse range of feedback which is representative of the unique skills and requirements of your workforce can also help you to understand your customers and improve your competitive offering.

Collecting feedback which is representative of the unique skills and requirements of your staff can also help you to better understand your customers and improve your competitive offering.

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