Prepare for GDPR with Webropol!

Prepare for GDPR with Webropol!

As of 25th May 2018, the new EU regulation, GDPR, comes into force. GDPR aims to update the existing Data Protection Act, recognising how the use of the internet has grown widely during recent years and has changed how data is handled and accessed. The aim of GDPR is to provide a consistent set of guidelines on how data should be managed, with the intention of providing better data security and protection. This also applies to existing or old survey data, which must be assessed for risks and requires a justified processing and retention period.

At Webropol we are committed to data security and follow regulatory changes closely, striving to cover changes as soon as possible. We have been preparing for GDPR since 2017, including implementing new features within our software which allows us to support our customers to fulfil their duties as the controllers of such data.

Webropol are the data processor on behalf of the customer, and the customer is the data controller. Therefore, we must provide a data processing agreement detailing our responsibilities regarding data collected which must be accepted by our customers. We are implementing new features to make this process as straightforward as possible which will be delivered in time for GDPR, as customers must accept the Data Protection Agreement by 1st May 2018. Other improvements are scheduled to support with GDPR, such as the ability to share responsibility for data between admins in addition to functionality to support management of right to be forgotten requests. We will communicate further information about these features in due course.

In the meantime, we can provide a cleansing service to remove previous survey and report data for our existing customers.

With prices starting from £500 GBP + VAT, contact the UK team today for a quote!

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