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As the academic year draws to a close, teaching staff throughout the UK will be reflecting upon the success of the year, ahead of results day. With increasingly stretched resources and more demands on their time, collecting feedback may seem like an impossible challenge for some staff. However, the time invested in collecting students honest opinions can be used to increase efficiencies, save costs, and help students to get the maximum benefit from their education.

With tuition fees rising, disputes over degree classification and uncertainty within the job market, students are under a lot of pressure when it comes to their education. Many university students want to receive good value in return for high tuition fees, so collecting their feedback allows university staff to see where improvements can be made. It is always better to ask the customer, in this case the student, directly rather than to assume you know what they want. The results may be surprising, such as increased teaching hours, or longer working days.

These pressures are not unique to university students. Younger students are facing issues such as mental health problems, changing examination criteria and funding shortages in their schools, which can lead to increased stress. These students may not have an opportunity to say how they feel, so circulating an anonymous feedback survey gives them a chance to share their views. Such feedback may notify teaching staff that extra support is needed, or that certain approaches need to be adjusted. Often with anonymous surveys, respondents feel that they can be more candid with their answers, but this must be weighed up against the ability to identify a respondent to follow up on any individual support they may need.

Collecting student feedback does not need to be laborious. With Webropol Advanced Course Feedback, collecting student reviews is simple. We can facilitate integrations between student information systems to make accessing student contact information easy, and questionnaires can be set up centrally to reach many students at once. This is particularly useful for regular and consistent feedback cycles, such as end of year, and also gives the opportunity to include specific questions when needed, such as specific module or content questions. We provide automatic scheduling and reminders, reducing the burden for admin staff. Our popular and powerful reporting tools can be used to analyse the results, identifying key themes and trends to target improvement.

Many universities and colleges in the UK and internationally are already using Webropol Advanced Course Feedback with great success.

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