Webropol blog, top five questions you should include in your next employee satisfaction survey.

Top 5 questions you should include in your next employee satisfaction survey

When people feel that they can make their voice heard, they feel more involved in their workplace. An employee satisfaction survey is an effective step in becoming a more proactive employer and improving employee motivation.

Employee feedback surveys need to ask the correct questions in the right way to ensure useful feedback is taken on and actioned. It’s a balance of being precise but also allowing them to voice their opinions openly.

Here at Webropol, we wanted to provide you with some guidance on creating an employee satisfaction survey, most importantly the questions you should try to include.

So, here are our top 5 questions to include in your survey and why they are key to the success of the feedback you receive.

  1. Overall are you satisfied with your employer?
    This may seem a very direct approach but it’s straight to the point. Also, if you’re using a Dichotomous scale you can get quantitative data about your employees’ happiness.
  2. My immediate line manager gives me feedback on how I manage my duties?
    Answer the questions on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 = Strongly Disagree and 5 = Strongly Agree, No answer

This question allows a business to understand how often employees are being recognised for their work from managers or fellow colleagues and if they’re offered feedback to improve. We frequently see the morale of workers who’ve gone more than two weeks without recognition drop.

  1. Which do you consider to be the workplace’s three greatest strengths?
    Questions about how workers perceive the company is important to include in your survey. Knowing strengths that are identified by internal teams can help you understand where you could be focussing more time towards developing and/or promoting.
  2. ​Are you satisfied with the individual objectives that were set for you?
    Knowing if people are setting appropriate goals helps you as a business to know if employees are motivated in their job and are tasked with growing and developing. If an employee feels like their goals are unrealistic this could lead to unneeded stress.
  3. Do you get the professional development/training you need for your work?
    Taking the time to invest in your workforce and showing you’re interested in individual development can really improve the overall happiness of workers. It helps to reinforce the feeling that they are cared about.

There are many other questions you can include in your employee satisfaction survey. Webropol offers unparalleled service with dynamic questions and easy to understand reporting. If you’re interested in a more extensive guide behind building employee satisfaction surveys we’re happy for you to contact us with any questions!

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